Taiz Children

This little girl was a fugitive with her family, after they lost their home and everything they had.. Their shelter was one of the schools of the area adjacent to them .! she is deprived of all rights and also have a lot of friends suffering from the same issue.

They need to help them in order to regain their right for a decent life.

Back to School Project

Since the conflict started in Yemen, attacking schools children, teachers and education infrastructure had a devastating impact on the country’s education system – and on the chances of millions of children to access learning.

Due to conflict and the closure of schools, more than 500,000 children were unable to resume their education in the past school year, bringing the total of out-of-school children in Yemen to over 2 million based on UNICEF statement. Also the children don’t have the abilities for basic school needs..

HRT calls the donors to support children for (Back-to-School Programme) to provide children with a learning opportunity. This includes the renovation damaged schools and provision of school furniture, stationery and school bags. Furthermore, Teachers need training on psychosocial support to help students cope with the horrors of the conflict.

Last month, through campaigns and surveys in some districts in Amanat Al Asemah; HRT found out  a lot of our targeted beneficiaries are suffering from the same problem, which was lake of basic needs to be a student.


Child Friendly Spaces- Project

Child Friendly Spaces are a child right’s programming approach that supports children’s well-being in the midst of emergencies, CFS protect children by providing a safe space with supervised activities, by raising awareness of the risks to children, and mobilizing communities to begin the process of creating a Protective Environment designed two Child Friendly Spaces in partnership with Save the children Yemen .

carrying out a meaningful response and intervention in Amanat Al Asimah (Maeen and AL wahdah Districts, the 2 CFS sites have been set up and equipped accordingly besides CFS Centers regularly supplied with the requ


ired materials and supplies either initial equipment’s or supportive tool needed. Staff/Volunteers were oriented and each assigned into his/her site to follow up daily tasks.

Chapala over in Yemen

Chapala22 Chapala33

The cyclone Chapala was over in Yemen on Thursday after it hit southern and southeastern regions for four days, Yemen meteorological service said.

In a statement, the service said heavy rains will continue to fall especially on southern and middle highlands coinciding with rising waves in the provinces of Mahrah and Shabwa.

More than a dozen people were killed and others injured in the cyclone which slammed the Socotra archipelago and the provinces of Mahrah, Shabwa and Hadramout. Continue reading “Chapala over in Yemen”