Who We Are


The Humanitarian Response Team (HRT) is a local Yemeni non-profit national organization established on September 11, 2012 in accordance with the law of organizations and institutions subsidiary of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor (No. 874) dated 11-9-2012 and its scope geographical of work scope is the Republic of Yemen. The organization has since its establishment aimed to improve and develop the conditions of the Yemeni society and find solutions to many of the crises facing it. It works to provide emergency relief by making a serious and effective contribution to the provision of humanitarian services and assistance, and so implements development projects that aim to improve the society through our main office in the Capital Sana’a as well as our branches in other governorates.

Our Mission


Professionally, transparently and impartially working to provide humanitarian and development services, enhancing stability and raising awareness, building capacity and promoting humanitarian work through building ideas and implementing service projects through effective partnerships with local and international institutions and organizations.


Vision: (why we do it)

To restore the stability of the Yemeni society and to make a culturally  and economically constructive change to live in dignity and security.

Specific objectives :

HRT is working towards achieving the following objectives for the benefit of its target group
• Delivering relief in emergencies.
• Providing economic opportunity.
• strengthening capacity for self-help
• prompting policy decisions at all stages
• Addressing needs in all its forms.

What Guides Us


The organization is neutral in its work and without affiliation or bias to any party whatever its religion, sect, nationality or political orientation.


The organization is highly professional in building and developing its staff to ensure the implementation of the best quality standards during all stages of implementation of programs and activities.


The organization believes in its responsibility towards the community and relies on proactive initiatives to find resources and implement feasible solutions, take responsibility for implementation and achieve results that reflect the goals set on the ground to achieve excellence.


The organization respects the right of access and dissemination of information, including access to technical and financial reports in accordance with rules and regulations.


The organization believes in the principle of credibility and gaining trust of donors and beneficiaries alike.


The organization believes in accountability to all donors as well as beneficiaries.

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