Water Sanitation Hygiene

According to UNICEF, 80% of people in Yemen lack access to safe water. Access to clean water allows individuals to escape the vicious cycle of poverty and disease. It also contributes to a significant increase in overall health and life expectancy.

HRT’s water projects include building water wells, installing water coolers/filtration units in schools and public buildings, installing water tanks in Streets,homes, and distributing water purification tablets in several Cities.



Access to clean water should be a right of all individuals. The water cooler/filtration installation project at HRT gives access to clean water mainly for school children.


HRT installs water cooler/filtration units in schools and community centers in Taiz. Recently, HRT provided water filtration units in Alselw District to give people access to clean water. The cost of installing a water cooler/filtration unit is $2,500/unit.


Additionally, HRT distributes water purification tablets during disasters and in remote areas where clean water access is limited.