A recent statement of UNCHR mentioned that 2 Million of Yemeni Displaced live under the poverty line,  Also, the World Bank stated that the Yemeni crisis had direct and indirect economic implications. Yemen workforce has fell back after massive killing, increase in refugee and displacement waves, and destruction of the country’s infrastructure. Meanwhile, conflicts over wheat farms, flour mills and water, electricity and fuel stations resulted into dramatic increase in prices along with food and water insecurity. To avoid a humanitarian catastrophe in refugee camps, HRT undertakes a number of shelter and winter projects. These include:


Winter Projects

Our winter projects include providing blankets, covers, heating oil, coal and firewood to impoverished families to help them withstand the winter.


Shelter Projects

In this field, HRT establishes camps and associate clinics, schools, electricity generators, mosques and other services.


Your donation can save a homeless family, protect women and children, save their future!