Child Protection




For overall development of a child during Child Friendly Spacesactivities were conducted at the child friendly Spaces. Psychosocial Supports activities…

( learning through drawing, painting and sport games ). Furthermore, HRT tried hardly to bear up to the situation responding to CFS in emergencies and the current situation in Yemen.

In this regard, HRT conducted weekly awareness raising sessions for various issues.

HRT is planning to discuss the way of responding to the mentioned needs with Save the Children and the leaders “Donors” of other sectors could be recommended by Save the Children, and identifying the capacity, duration and mechanism of support, and possibility of extension.



According to UNICEF reports, Yemen became one of the most dangerous countries for children. “UNICEF” estimates that over 0.5 million children are in need for urgent assistance, while “Save and Children” argues that 100 Thousand children lost their schools and one of each three was either shot, beaten or displaced. Meanwhile, the Yemeni Network for Human Rights estimates that over 82,000 families lost their bread-winners and 2,300 families lost the mother, which means the number of orphan children is expected to rise radically.


In Protection and Sponsorship Program, HRT collects data on orphan children and families that lost their breadwinners. We undertake a comprehensive approach to human development, as to include psychological, financial, educational and health aspects.



Our ultimate goal is to help orphans and families overcome the crisis and become productive self-dependent members. our projects depend on thorough examination of beneficiaries’ living, education and health conditions. In this way, we ensure maximum efficiency in using donations.